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Counseling Training

Counseling Training

 Counseling & Discipleship Training

“Biblical Counseling: Biblical Answers for the Problems of Life”

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Biblical counseling is intensive discipleship.  It is ministering the Word of God to people where they need it the most right now.  Everyone is a counselor to someone.  Spouses, parents, teachers, pastors, youth workers, church leaders, and health care professionals are regularly giving advice about a variety of subjects. The counseling ministry of Wheelersburg Baptist Church is committed to the absolute sufficiency of the Word of God.  We believe that in the Bible God has provided us with real answers for the real problems people encounter in life. If a person came to you depressed, heavy with guilt, near a “breakdown,” anxious, fearful, full of bitterness, with marital problems, or overwhelmed with grief, would you know what to do according to God’s Word?  The goal of this training is to equip God’s people to be able to minister God’s Word to those in need.  If you want your counsel to be more biblical, insightful, and helpful to the people you care about, consider participating in this course.

Wheelersburg Baptist Church offers training in Biblical Counseling through one-day training symposiums and a twelve-week training course in January each year for  Biblical Answers for the Problems of Life in our Counseling and Discipleship Training.  See Resource Tab and Counseling Training link for more details.

Counseling & Discipleship Training Schedule & Course Descriptions

Training in the “Track One” and “Track Three” modules will begin January 8,  2018  and will continue for 12 Mondays.

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Instructors and Members of the WBC CDT Team Pastor Brad Brandt: certified counselor and fellow with the ACBC {Association of Certified Biblical Counselors} (formerly known as NANC). Pastor-Teacher at Wheelersburg Baptist Church since 1987. Barbara Miller: certified member of ACBC. Member and counselor at Wheelersburg Baptist Church. Nurse practitioner at a local OB/GYN office. David Beam: certified member of ACBC. Member, counselor, and teacher at Wheelersburg Baptist Church. John Hurley: WBC Counseling Ministries, ACBC trained Denise Hurley: Board of Directors at CRADLE Pregnancy Care Center, ACBC trained Scott Bruns: Executive Director of Scioto Hills Camp & Retreat Center, ACBC trained Dr. Charles Hodges:  ACBC certified, travels each year to teach medical issues in our training. Medical Issues Night is scheduled in  March. (Date to be announced)

Track One will begin on January 8, 2018 and Track Two  Will begin on January 2019 (Lord Willing) and will run for twelve consecutive Monday evenings . The content of “Track One” complements the material presented in our “Track Two ” class, but addresses different topics or similar topics in a slightly different manner. Note: Both “Track One” and “Track Two” are designed to stand alone. In other words, “Track One” is not a prerequisite for “Track Two” and vice versa. **Note:  Keep in mind that the sessions in these Counseling Training Courses are not intended to be listened to isolated from the rest.  The course functions as a package, with the content in later sessions building on the content from earlier sessions.  We hope you find it helpful. Please let us know by email if the counseling courses have been useful in your ministry.  

Course Content for Track One   – Begins January 8, 2018

Date Lecture Titles
     Jan 8 The Foundation and Goal of Biblical Counseling Outline LISTEN
     Jan 8 Why Counsel? Biblical Counseling in the Church Outline LISTEN
     Jan 15 Essential Elements of Counseling (Part One) Outline LISTEN
     Jan 15 Essential Elements of Counseling (Part Two) Outline LISTEN
     Jan 15 The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth and Sanctification Outline LISTEN
     Jan 22 Self-Worth or Self-Worship: Re-examining a Popular Myth Outline LISTEN
     Jan 22 A Biblical Evaluation of Prevalent Theories of Counseling Outline LISTEN
     Jan 29 Communication and the Family Conference Table Outline LISTEN
     Feb 26 Hope & Help to Those Struggling to Have Children Outline LISTEN
     Feb 5 Biblical Basics of Marriage Outline LISTEN
     Feb 5 Priorities for Living Outline LISTEN
     Feb 12 The Role of the Husband in the Family Outline LISTEN
     Feb 12 The Role of the Wife in the Family Outline LISTEN
     Feb 19 Parental Attitudes and Goals Outline LISTEN
     Feb 19 Parental Delegation and Responsibilities Outline LISTEN
     Jan 29 Justification Outline LISTEN
     Feb 26 Guilt & Forgiveness Outline LISTEN
     Mar 5 Anger Outline LISTEN
     Mar 5 Fear Outline LISTEN
     Mar 12 Worry Outline LISTEN
     Mar 12 Depression Outline LISTEN
    TBA Medical Issues with Dr. Charles Hodges (* See Archived Lectures below)
    Mar 26 Life-Dominating Sins and Total Life Restructuring Outline LISTEN
    Mar 26 Overcoming Evil Outline LISTEN

6:00-6:50 p.m. – Session One (lecture)

7:00-7:50 p.m. – Session Two (lecture)

8:00-8:50 p.m. -Case Studies & Video Observation

*Observation of live counseling may be available from 3:00-5:30 P.M.  


Course Content for Track Two (Offered January 2019—Lord Willing Dates to be announced)

Date Lecture Titles
Jan.  2019 Why Counsel? Biblical Counseling in the Church Outline LISTEN
Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor Outline LISTEN
Role of the Holy Spirit Outline LISTEN
Recapturing a Forfeited Ministry Outline LISTEN
Essential Elements of Counseling Outline LISTEN
Helping Counselees Understand How to Change Outline LISTEN
Communication Outline LISTEN
Conflict Resolution Outline LISTEN
Forgiveness (Part 1) Outline LISTEN
Forgiveness (Part 2 & 3) Outline LISTEN
Roles in Marriage Outline LISTEN
Biblical Principles of Sex Outline LISTEN
Spouse Abuse Outline LISTEN
Eating Disorders Outline LISTEN
Counseling: An Open Door for Evangelism Outline LISTEN
A Model for Decision Making Outline LISTEN
Depression Outline LISTEN
Women Counseling Women Outline LISTEN
Pure Life: Pure Choice  
A Biblical View of Grief Outline LISTEN
Medical Issues with Dr. Charles Hodges (*See Archived Lectures Below)
Trusting God in Adversitiy Outline LISTEN
Dealing With Addictions Outline LISTEN


Track Three (Open to all who have completed Tracks One & Two) Offered each year

Track Three is intended to equip the person who is serious about doing Biblical Counseling in the church. Each week will include: teaching on counseling issues that builds upon material from Tracks One and Two, discussion of practical elements in counseling, and observation of actual counseling. A key objective of the course is to encourage and enable participants to pursue NANC certification.

Training begins Monday, January  2017, and will run for 12 Mondays

6:00-6:50 p.m. – Lecture

7:00-7:50 p.m. – Discussion of Elements,  ACBC Exam

8:00-8:50 p.m. – Video Counseling Observation

*Observation of live counseling may  be available from 3:00-5:30 P.M. Course Content for Track Three


How do People Change? A Biblical Model
    Feb 5 The Importance of Prayer in Counseling
   Jan 15 Biblical Submission
   TBA Medical Issues in Counseling
   Feb 12 Liberating the Alcoholic READ
   Mar 5 Utilizing the Resources of the Church
   Feb 26 When the Counseling Process Gets Stuck
   Feb 19 Homosexuality
   Feb 26 How Not to Counsel: Job’s Friends
   Mar 12 Working with Blended Families
Ministering to Sexually Active Teens
   Jan 29 Reaching Generation X/Y With Abstinence Education LISTEN
Resources for Financial Problems
“Where to Find Hope When Hope Seems Gone” READ LISTEN

*Medical Issues Night Lectures (Dr. Charles Hodges) Archived lectures

Date Lecture Titles Outlines  Audio
 March 20, 2006 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Outline Not avail.
 March 20, 2006 Disease or Not Outline Not avail.
 March 19, 2007 Counseling People Labeled Bi-Polar Not avail. LISTEN
 March 19, 2007 Counseling People Taking Medication Outline LISTEN
 March 17, 2008 ADHD: Finding Purpose in a Distracted World Outline LISTEN
 March  17, 2008 Childhood Bipolar Disorder: The Great Debate Outline LISTEN
 March 16, 2009 Rescuing Victims Outline LISTEN
 March 16, 2009 Schizophrenia and Biblical Counseling Outline LISTEN
 March 22, 2010 A Layman’s Guide to Psychotropic Drugs Outline  LISTEN
 March 22, 2010 Counseling Those Who Take Psychological Drugs Outline LISTEN
 March 21, 2011 Counseling People With a Medical Illness Not avail. LISTEN
 March 21, 2011  OCD and Me (Part One) Outline  LISTEN
 March 21, 2011  OCD and Me (Part Two) LISTEN
 March 12, 2012  PTSD: Conversations with Soldier Outline LISTEN
 March 12, 2012  Helping Those Suffering With Depression Not. Avail. LISTEN
 February 25, 2013

 Good Mood Bad Mood: Look for Answers and Find Hope (Part I)

Outline LISTEN
 February 25, 2013 Good Mood Bad Mood: Look for Answers and Find Hope (Part II) LISTEN
 February 25, 2013 Good Mood Bad Mood: Bipolar Disorder Outline LISTEN
 March 24, 2014 What is Medical About Mental Illness Outline Not Avail.
 March 24, 2014 Counseling People With a Psychological Diagnosis Outline Not Avail.
 March 2, 2015 End of Life, Finishing Well Outline LISTEN
 March 2, 2015 OCD: When I Just Can’t Stop Thinking About It! Outline LISTEN
 March 21, 2016 Paying Attention to ADHD Outline LISTEN
 March 21, 2016 DSM5: How to Understand It and How to Help Outline LISTEN
 March 6, 2017 Helping Those Suffering With Depression Outline Not Avail.
 March 6, 2017 Sufficiency of Scripture and Medical Integration Outline Not Avail.

Cost & Materials :  There is no instructor cost for the training course. The cost involved is for the handbook, supplies, and reading materials for each class. Couples may share the books but will need to purchase their own copies of the training manual (and processing supplies). If you already own some of the books, please reduce the fee accordingly.

*Scholarships may be available if cost prevents  participation in the course.  Call WBC for details.