Nursery  Ministries

The Nursery Services of Wheelersburg Baptist Church are available during every church service for newborns through the age of 3 years.  Our Nursery is staffed by qualified parents, grandparents, ladies, and teens who love children and love the Lord.  We seek to show the love of Christ by the tender care and loving kindness we show to these little ones. See link to Nursery Ministry Page


Children’s Ministries

The Children’s Ministries of Wheelersburg Baptist Church exist in order to support and encourage parents in the shepherding of their children by offering various resources and quality programs that will help them to grow in their knowledge of, love for, and obedience to Jesus Christ.  The following link to the Children’s Ministry Page will provide a breakdown of the various ministry options available.


Youth Ministries

The C2 Youth Ministry of Wheelersburg Baptist Church, just like the Children’s Ministries mentioned above, exist to be an extension of the personal, spiritual effort that we trust and pray parents are giving at home. Our goal is to offer resources and activities that reinforce Biblical truths which have special application to young people during a time in life when they are experiencing the most noticeable physical, emotional and social changes. Our desire is to help teens consistently seek God’s Word and His Spirit for direction to weather those changes effectively.  Link to C2 Youth Ministry Page.


Adult  Ministries

The Adult Ministries of Wheelersburg Baptist Church provide areas of teaching, worship, service and discipleship for men and women as we live, learn, serve and grow in the knowledge of the Scriptures. Our goal is to be committed to knowing Christ and making Christ known.

Our teaching ministries clearly interpret, explain, defend, and apply the Word of God.  In worship, we are acknowledging as sincerely and as earnestly as we can the worth and importance of God and expressing our honor and respect for Him as we strive to bring honor and glory to the only One worthy of our worship, the Lord Jesus Christ. In service, we seek to offer compassion to the hurting and needy as we become the hands and feet of Christ.  Discipleship of others flows from a desire to please God, a love for His word, and a concern for others. In teaching and in living, we desire to help others come to Christ and live for Christ to the glory of God the Father. We do this in a variety of ways.  Link to Adult Ministries.



The mandate of God to the church is to be a witness of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The church is to carry this out in the individual lives of the members as well as a collective effort of the local church body.   Through personal involvement and a network of worldwide missionaries, Wheelersburg Baptist Church is committed to carry out this mandate through a variety of ways, but always involving the ministry of the Word of God, recognizing our dependence on God’s Spirit and Word to change lives.  Link to our Missions Page.