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Wheelersburg Baptist Church

For over one hundred years the Lord has enabled the Wheelersburg Baptist Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to people on a local, national and world-wide basis. We at W.B.C., with God’s help, seek to live lives that bring honor and glory to our Lord. We are a warm and friendly group who realize that every member is a minister to others for the furtherance of the Gospel. As a result we not only seek to provide for the spiritual welfare of our own members, but endeavor to help others both locally and globally.

Wheelersburg Baptist Church is committed to: * Calling people to repentance and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior. * The teaching of salvation as a gift of God’s grace without man’s works. * The necessity of Christ’s sacrifice for the payment of sins. * Public baptism to proclaim one’s faith in Jesus Christ. * The teaching of the sufficiency of God’s Word. * Understanding our dependency upon the Holy Spirit in living holy lives.

Greetings WBC Family,

We have restarted our Sunday School ministry!   I wanted to remind you of the classes that will be offered on Sunday.

Adult Sunday School: 

1) Church History: Learning from the Church Leaders of the Past 

This class will be meeting for 8 weeks in the gym and will be taught by Jack Branon.   In this class you will spend time learning from the church leaders of the past about the Scriptures and the church.  In a time when the church seems under attack and losing direction, this will be a great time to see how church leaders of the past responded in their own difficult situations.   Jack will be spotlighting a different early church leader each week during this class.

2) Praying Biblically: Learning how to Pray from Scripture

This will be an 8 week study meeting in the downstairs classroom and will be taught by Pastor Matt.  When I read the prayers recorded for us in Scripture, I can see how much I can grow in the amount, content, and way that I pray.  During this class we will take time to look at the Lord’s Prayer, some prayers of Paul, and some prayers in the Psalms to see what we can learn about prayer.

3) New Member’s Class

This class will start on September 20th and will meet across the street in the community center.   This class is for those who are interested in membership at WBC and those who are interested in finding out more about WBC.

Children’s Sunday School: 

Nursery: Newborn – 2 years old (Education Wing)

Preschool class: 3 year olds – Kindergarten (Education Wing)

School Age class: 1st grade – 5th grade (Education Wing)

Jr High and High School class: 6th grade – 12th grade (TBD)

We are looking forward to seeing you at 9:30 on Sunday morning for Sunday School. As a reminder, we are continuing to follow COVID-19 regulations.  Please let us know if you  have any questions.

In Christ,

Pastor Brad and Pastor Matt


-We are asking those in any “at risk” category to remain at home and join us via Livestream.  Attending live services during a pandemic is not a test of one’s faith. Please go to Wheelersburg Baptist Church Facebook Page for the service LIVE or visit our website to follow the link to view these sermons.  Or  CLICK HERE

-Since our auditorium is large enough to accommodate approximately 100 people while following social distancing guidelines (with six feet between non-family members), at present we are planning to have just one Sunday AM worship service at 10:30.  We are asking families to sit together.

-We will also offer a Livestream worship service in the gym (and if a third site is needed, in the WBC Community Center).  The service in the gym will be a non-singing service.  It will also provide a more relaxed option, if needed, for those with young children.

-When you arrive, you will be welcomed back with big smiles and heartfelt, “It’s so good to see you!” However, we are asking that everyone practice social distancing guidelines (six feet of separation, no handshaking, hugging, etc).  This will also apply to our normal pre and post service greeting times, as well as in the parking lot.  We are asking parents to help their children follow these social distancing guidelines.

-Offering plates will not be passed during the service.  There will be a drop box in the foyer for tithes and offerings.

–  Drinking fountains will not be operational during this time.

-At present, we will not distribute bulletins and sermon outlines.  However, these will be available online so they can be printed in advance, if so desired.

-Hymnals, visitor cards, and other printed material have been removed from the auditorium.

– We are still being asked by Governor Dewine to wear a mask when we are in public.   Though churches  have been exempt from some of these guidelines, we continue to seek to follow, as best we can, the state and local leadership.   We are asking that everyone over the age of 10 who attends church on Sunday to wear a mask (unless medically prohibited).

-Upon entering the building, we request that everyone wash or sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the facility.

Because of Christ,

Pastor Brad


Current Sermon

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“The God Who Opens Prison Doors and Jailer’s Hearts”


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Service Times

Sunday School        9:30 a.m. Morning Worship     10:30 a.m. Evening Worship      6:00 p.m. Wednesday Evening Prayer/Bible Study  7:00 p.m. Youth Sunday Evenings   5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Kid’s Club (during school year) 7:00 p.m.

Baptist Church

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